4 of the best basketball dribble moves to protect the ball

This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL2MlEfdrq0, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80PhjDKUs7lU325mitKsFQ.When dribbling remember to keep opposite hand " guard hand " up to protect ball from getting stolen. Keep the ball low and also bounce it hard so you can dribble better. If someone is better positioned than you, then pass the ball. Move forward to the basket to score, don’t move away. Step back is good to separate yourself from the defender.Master these three dribbling moves to give yourself an advantage on the basketball court.. Keep your eyes up and use an arm bar to protect the ball while you retreat.. 4 Basketball Ball.To become a good dribbler and ball handler, you must practice dribbling as often as you can, using both hands. This article discusses this basic fundamental and several dribble moves. You may dribble: 1. To advance the ball up the court. 2. To drive to the hoop. 3. To get open for a shot. 4.Protecting the Ball Archive. 2013 | No Comments. In this video we look at high and low rip moves. ripping is a good way to protect the ball from an overly aggressive defender – especially if you’ve already picked up your dribble.. we look at the triple-threat position which is a.If you want to excel in your basketball matches then this is one of the accessories that you must have. There is always the fear of getting kicked by your opponent especially around the court when you want to shoot the ball.And therefore, to protect your eyes and have that comfortable shot, the sklz court goggles will shield your eyes completely.Protect the Ball. When dribbling against a defender, ALWAYS protect the ball with your body. You can do this by dribbling with your left hand when you are going left and your right hand when you are going right. This will force the defender to reach across your body to attempt a steal.Move around the court. Protect the ball from the defense. Then learning how to dribble a basketball can be intimidating. But there’s good news. Practicing your dribbling and ball-handling skills requires only two things: A basketball; A small area to dribble.