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LILLIAN ("BUBBIE") KANTROWITZ. Female. 50. Marty’s outspoken psychic mother. 1st generation American, some Yiddishkeit, but a very un-bubbie bubbie, adept with both Tarot and canasta cards. Was.My psychic readings are relaxed and informative, so don’t expect to see a crystal ball, smoke, or tarot cards.Typically you’ll find me in shorts and sandals, and if I’m feeling really crazy maybe flip-flops. For Psychic Readings, I use angel cards to ask the angels to provide you with the most important information at that time.323 N Gilbert Rd Ste 104, Mesa, AZ, 85203-8262. Mystic Journeyz serves as your spiritual connection through Psychic Phone Readings, Psychic Medium Readings, Tarot Card. 480 626-1077. 480 626-1077. message business. message business. The Inner realm.tarot card reading; Arizona psychic mediums. williams psychics and mediums are not necessarily mutually exclusive. A medium is a psychic that communicates with the dead or spirits, and relays that information to the living.Have a Psychic Medium Tarot Card Reader at Your Party. Have Your Own mystic journeyz tarot card party! So, let me explain how it works?. You, as the Host or Hostess, receive the first 15-Minute Reading on the house. Your reading is free. Each of your guests receive a private 15-Minute reading for $30.00 or a 30-Minute reading for $70.00.

This video,, can also be seen at Psychic Reading can help with insight into your life: Where you are at, Where you have choices to make, and How to open up to your own Inner Knowing. Utilizing any of several mediums: Astrology, Tarot, Pendulum and Numerology, and creating a connection with your Angels and Guides, your reading will give you insight regarAlternative Medicine amusement & recreation services astrologers, Mediums & Psychics Consulting Entertainers Food & Entertainment Fortune and Destiny fortune tellers Health & Beauty Life Mesa Palm Readings palmists Psychic Consultations Psychic life readings psychics Psychics & Astrologers psychics & mediums Public & Social Services.Get a Psychic reading and find out what is in store for you in your life’s path, love life, or career. You Can also have a medium reading by getting connected to your loved ones on the other side and say hi one more time. You can have both types of reading or just choose one during your In Office SessionLinda the Psychic. the death card was reversed. Tammy had her Kirlian photograph taken in New York City. The photographer remarked how her heart chakra was twice the size of everyone else. Juan, a.