The 5-Minute Rule for Aquadoula Tub Rental

Renting AquaDoula tubs in the SF East Bay for years. full rental details for portable heated tub for labor and waterbirth. Labor in Water Tub Rentals. HOME.. Rental comes with everything you need to labor in water, except a garden hose. See list of contents.Sturdy support- The Aquadoula spa is designed to take the weight of the mother leaning on the sides. It will never collapse. Rental Information. If you live in the Atlanta. Rental is $200 for a one month rental starting around the 38th week. $50 of the fee given in advance will reserve the tub. Items needed for setup – a garden hose.Rental Terms for Tubs Five week rental (maximum). The tub becomes available at 37 weeks of pregnancy and it needs to be returned after the birth no later than 2 weeks after the EDD.Sample Billing Scenarios for a Homebirth Midwife.. In billing for the birthing tub rental, I had to file a separate claim since the software choked on having two separate items of E1399 -. NOTES – united healthcare wanted more info, so I sent an "Order for DME" and a copy of my AquaDoula.colder, but waterproof, although that’s not usually an issue if you place a tarp under the tub). If you’re planning to give birth in the tub, it is important for the tub to be accessible from all sides – ideally, leave a space of 2-3 feet all around the tub. If you’re planning to use the tub for labor only, it can beWhether you plan to enjoy the benefits of laboring in a warm and soothing pool or hope for a waterbirth, the AquaDoula will provide the comfort and support you need. rental details. 4 week Rental. You set the 4 weeks – generally 2 weeks before until 2 weeks after due date.aquadoula~ 2 person, heated pool~ $225.00. The tub features a built in heater, for easy temperature maintainence, and can be set up weeks ahead of time. Dimensions~ 24" deep, 60" internal diameter Rental includes: tub delivery, inflatable pillow, fill hose, faucet adapter, sump-pump for draining, and pick-up.Water Birth pools, tubs, birthing accessories, videos, kits, waterbirth products Are you a midwife or a doula? Register now for 10% off coupon for you and your clients!